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Why proper ventilation is important for your roof

All Seasons Roofing in Peterborough, often sees roofs that have been damaged by houses that are not properly ventilated. Ensuring that your home has the proper roof or attic ventilation is essential to your home. It is required to make sure the air in your attic circulates, so that it removes any excess moisture and heat. If proper ventilation is not provided, it can result in damage to the roof and other parts of your

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Frequently asked questions: Roof maintenance and installation

All Seasons Roofing in Peterborough, Ontario, knows that homeowners often have many questions regarding the maintenance of their roof. To help them better understand here are three of the more frequently asked questions regarding roofs: When should I replace my shingles? Optimally your roof should last 20 years; unfortunately, factors such as weather, wildlife, and improper installation often shorten that time. If you are unsure whether your shingles need to be replaced there are several

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