Why proper ventilation is important for your roof

All Seasons Roofing in Peterborough, often sees roofs that have been damaged by houses that are not properly ventilated. Ensuring that your home has the proper roof or attic ventilation is essential to your home. It is required to make sure the air in your attic circulates, so that it removes any excess moisture and heat. If proper ventilation is not provided, it can result in damage to the roof and other parts of your home.

Ventilation is often a requirement of building codes and roofing material manufacturers to honour their warranties. A specific number of vents are required per square footage to ensure that the right amount of air enters and exits the attic. Be sure to check before you replace your roof that you have the required amount for the size of your home.

There is a variety of different vents to select from when choosing a new vent. Two of the more common vents you will find on homes are the box vent and turbine vents. The box vent uses natural convection to draw hot air out of the attic; however they are not as effective and you will require more of them to ventilate your space. Turbine vents are wind-driven and more effective than box vents.

The most efficient vents available are ridge vents which run along the ridge of your roof. They keep a more consistent temperature across your roof than box vents, and do not require wind to operate like turbines. They are slightly more expensive, but when used with soffits they will keep your space well ventilated.

Soffit vents are the point of entrance for airflow for your roof’s ventilation system, and are located where the floor of the attic meets the roof. It is important that insulation baffles be installed where the soffits are located so that insulation does not migrate and block the soffits.

Insulation can also play a role in ensuring your attic is properly ventilated. While you want to have enough insulation to help your house efficiently maintain a comfortable temperature, it is important that you do not have too much insulation to impede on the air circulation in your attic. Insulation needs to be placed properly so that it does not block airflow or any vents located in the attic.

Without proper ventilation, the wood base of your roof may become warped by the temperature fluctuation, and excess moisture may cause mildew and mold to grow in your home. To help ensure your roof has the proper ventilation it requires contact All Seasons Roofing at 1-800-837-6469.